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! Y U K O
Wishlist 2009
1. Life.
2. 40" Sony-HDTV.
3. Nintendo Wii.
4. Digicam/Dslr.
5. Trip to Australia. XD
6. Nintendo DSi.
7. Original Anime DVD Collection.
8. Cable TV. (LOL)
9. Renovate room !
10. New Bed/Sofa Bed.
I need a new layout. D:

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Monday, October 26, 2009
1:35 AM

I want the truth and I want it now.
It's weird. You've been saying that you've been telling the truth.
But what is this feeling. Why can't I believe.
What is this doubt. That you just don't want to hurt me.
But seriously I'm already hurting.
Why can't you just say it all. Why not.
I'm ready for anything. I've been ready ever since.
I've been hurting and if I find out the complete truth.
I know I shall be free. No more ache for me yes.
Well honestly there will still be hurt. But c'mon.
Cause I don't believe that there's nothing.
I can't just believe that.
Actions speak louder than words.
And proof ? I'm the second option when we're all together.
You never notice me until I lose my smiling face.
It's wrong. I need to learn to control my emotions.
But have you ever thought how hard it is ?
I can't even explain the feeling. I just can't.
And all I'm living with now is a Sad Face. :(

[ Y u k o ]

! Somehow I hear your song resound.

Friday, September 25, 2009
8:47 PM

And as the clouds begin to shadow,
Tiny droplets fall calmly on my flushed cheeks.
No. Not even this will stop me from the singing,
The strumming--the updraft beating. :)

[ Y u k o ]

! Somehow I hear your song resound.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009
9:40 AM

So Yeh, it's late and I haven't really started Diag yet, ha ha. I'm sleeepy omg. This is just gonna be a random post. I haven't done this for a long time now, ha ha ha. I think. Anyway... I just had a lil chitchat with Andy on YiM. Ha ha ha, twas short but really funny. Lalang, LOLed in real life, sillehhh. Ha ha. I'm also thinking about the band that Angela and I are planning to form. Daamm we so wanna pursue this shiz ha ha. She wants to compose music that are sorta kinda like a mixture of Paramore, The academy is, Rooney, and the like ha ha. I really unno the other bands, so i'mma hafta listen to em real soon. We're planning to put up ads so that we'd be able to find a drummer and bassist. loool. I'm seriously excited ha ha cause I think this is the first time that I talked to someone who's so eager to have a band. A pretty serious one. I'm so in and I will put much love and loyalty on it as it will be my first independent band. Waha cheesy meme. :D So Yeh, gadammit my PC is still sickkk... i've been on safe mode for almost a week now, but it doesn't rreally matter. It won't hinder me from going online ha ha ha. though i wanna have this fixed soon. I can't do anything else, but FB and Yim ! Ha ha o weell. 0mg I have this new crush ha haha. Head turner maaan. We were just walking around carpark, then wapak. XD Ha ha ha. I've been starstruck. LOL. I gootaa know this person soon ha ha will go to the mr. and ms. psych shoot this Sat. hopefully I'd have time to do so, ha ha. We're actually gonna start with rehearsals for talent pool since we're gonna be the background music for the entire psych pageant on the 25th of September. ha ha Daddeh's gonna get so tired, I think he has almost all the sets as the lead guitarist. i'm looking forward to hearing more of him and the other members as well, ha ha ha. It's almost 1am now, dammit. I better sleep and just wake up early tomorrowwww ha ha. sleeping late won't do me good, i'd just make my fail-death in diag closer to me if I sleep later tonight. ha ha. Omg I think I'm not making sense anymore. Ummm. Yeh i have a new crush. anyway get over it memeeee ha ha ha ha. i'm struggling with sax, ha ha Ive no music sheet of good jazz songs, since I'm not really a jazzy person, ha ha. I wish to go to Sax Lessons soon in alabang. I hope mum calls em up real soon. I'm wasting time, learning nothing here (exclude academic crap). Ha ha ha. omg guys have you seen the new Ps3 Slim ? lalang crazy. It's so thin, ha ha but I still love mine. Contentment. LOL. JEKA HOW CAN I BE CONTENTED IF I DON'T EVEN HAVE ANYBODY ? :)) Ha ha ha just had to point that out. Oh i'm also excited about the room downstairs, ha ha. Mum said I can have it... so I'mma make a room design for it. then yeah she'd follow my design -- if she likes it. Ha ha ha. UHhh yeeeeh, my plan's to put my tv and games there. plus all of my instruments ha ha. then build up bookshelves on the walls. thennnn maybe put my pc there as well. it's like a playroom for me LOL. Yeh yeh and my bedroom would stay neat at last, ha ha. I wanna put a sofabed as well (ok sofa if no sofabed). AND I WANT IT TO BE A SOUNDPROOF ROOM LOL. How i wish Mameh would grant my wish on that ha haha. and yeahhh i think it's gonna be a nice comfy room, where i'd hang out when Ive nothing to do. I wish i could get drums though and put it there. I also have this confusion ha ha. I wanna ask for a drumset, but I want a nice acoustic guitar too. BUT I want a nice electric guitar ha ha ha (I saw one in filinvest, omg it's so smexy. it's all black) and I kinda want a cello or violin ha ha. but then again, i would disregard all these this christmas if Dad would get me a car. HA HA oh please ive been asking for one since eternity. -.- Anyway I wish I could ask ALDRED (HA HA HA) for room designs. I want the room to have this modern-ish fine classic feel. ha ha, i unno how to make it like that but yeah. I'mma try making my own design first then show it to interior designers and architects (like aldred HA HA). Omg i should go now, enough of this randomness. SLeep sleeep DIAG PASS DIAG. Ganight, CHEERS MATE :) !

You're sooooo gorgeous. ha ha ha 8->
[ Y u k o ]

! Somehow I hear your song resound.

9:31 AM

It flows,
Nothing can make it stop...
What's wrong ?
Just simply let it out...
A fresh spring,
As waters fall from the top.
This old tree,
Left is none to know about.

Plain scenery.
There's more than just sight...
That golden barrel,
A mere metal, soon to rust...
A full moon night,
Dreamy yet not so bright.
Cover it with leather,
Whoever said it's wrong to trust.

Say my name,
I did, i did not.
Don't need a game...
Blame not my realized plot...

Remember, Silver Linings are true of me.

Ha ha ha it's a random crap poem I made earlier during Indus Lec, ha ha. I just had to let out two matters that was bugging me deeply, while enjoying Mam's cuteness, wahah. She's so cute, omg. More stories, plox ? :D Ha ha anyway, just go figure out the meaning of this. It's sorta kinda lame, but yeh. Every word means something, every comma, every period. Ha ha ha gay meme. So There. Cheers !
[ Y u k o ]

! Somehow I hear your song resound.

Saturday, August 29, 2009
8:43 PM


Yesterday we had our Talent Pool auditions. The text said be there by 8am... and I knew I was gonna be late. I reached UST around 8.30am and Daddeh Ivan arrived around 8.40am... Yes we thought we were late, but then again, we weren't ! Ha ha. Lucky lucky. No one else auditioned - only Ivan and I. And daaaaamn, dadd was AMAZING. Everyone got star-struck. :)) Ha ha ha, as expected from Daddeh. :) Hmmm. It was now my turn, and CRAP I dint know what to play and as you know, I dun really play songs that I know. All I do at home is strum and pluck and crap random chords and notes. BUT YEH, I was surprised to hear that we both got in right after that. HA HA HA. We had Group Dynamics and the GA was quite fun even though we were only around 9 people there. It's nice to be around people who share the same passion for music. :) Made me happy happy. Ha ha ha. Talent Pool will have LOTS of activities this year. I'm seriously excited. Also, Ate Sacha, our TP President I think, told me to go to CSJ on Tuesday and she's gonna ask someone to give me a test for Literature. I hope I get in even though my way of writing is weird and full of self-expression. :D Ha ha. TP people are really kind. :) Well, after that I bought CHEESEBUGAH DELUXE from McDo, then went straight home. Ha ha ha. I was so full of thoughts about music during my travel...

A need to learn more, to improve, to explore... and have fun.

Ha ha ha. SO WHEN I REACHED HOME, I GRABBED MY ACOUSTIC G, ELECTRIC G, AND SAXOPHONE... I HAD TO PRACTICE. So much for inspiration. Ha ha. :)) For my acoustic, I'm practicing my plucking and strumming skills. For my electric, I'm memorizing every note of each fret, and practicing my picking and scales. WELL WITH THE SAX, I've had this for around 3 years now, and I never had the energy to study it. But yeah. Yesterday I studied through the internet... and I feel great now. :) I know the basics. And finally, I know how to play Happy Birthday song. :)) HA HA. Silly YES. BUT damn, it's harder than I thought. Proper blowing and fingering, urg. I wish to improve. My next pieces are Twinkle twinkle and Moon River. :)
Here's the sample of my HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! :)) Obviously, I sound like a total beginner, so forgive me. :)

HappBurfday | Online recorder

BTW. Remember my Ocarina ? I recorded Puff The Magic Dragon song weeks ago. Lemme share it as well. XD

Puff The Magic Dragon | Online recorder

-Thanks to Towi's blog for the Muziboo.com Lol.-
[ Y u k o ]

! Somehow I hear your song resound.

Thursday, July 30, 2009
9:16 AM

Don't ask me why these beats are for you,
Why I shiver at the thought of you,
Why ask me if you know it's true ?
And when it's just us two,
I feel the warmth of cherry blossoms around me.
Each falling petal; a piece of me.
They continue to fall on fields of flowers...
But now I'm feeling tiny rocks beneath my toes.
I'm a simple dandelion in your astonishing patio,
Waiting, hoping; sighs given off, a signal of surrender.
Still, I can't stop my love for you.

[ Y u k o ]

! Somehow I hear your song resound.

Sunday, July 26, 2009
2:48 AM

I hate displacement.
I hate the fact that displacement of emotions exists.
I hate the fact that I feel as if I'm a dupe of this so called displacement shiet.

And I hate the reality that I am actually creating.
[ Y u k o ]

! Somehow I hear your song resound.